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Natural shiny monstera leaves spray painted with golden metallic paint on dark deep black

How it started...

    Ever since I was a little girl I was always fascinated with flowers. They always seemed magical to me: the variety of species and colors, the aroma when you are in the presence of them, the joy and appreciation for their beauty was overwhelming. I think my passion rubbed onto me from my mother as she always had special bond with flowers. I would call her flower whisperer as she even spoke to flowers when watering them and always treated them with love and genuine care. Since young age, I would experiment with arrangements of wild and garden flowers when in season and would use my imagination decorating vases and empty boxes when blooming was scarce. This passion lived with me for my entire life. No matter what type of glorious or turmoil moment I’d find myself in- flowers were always my magical serenity.

      Our mantra

     I started Floral Designs with a mission- it is a concept of bringing live flower arrangements in the form of art. I arrange each boquete with passion, love and care. My intent is to share floral magic regardless of occasion or no occasion at all- I want people to see the beauty in flowers the way I do. Sometimes we don’t know what we need until we get it. Order a bouquet, subscribe for weekly service to your home or place of business, or reach out to us if you’re planning an event.


Flowers are blooming and so should you!

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