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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your "delivery policy"?

Orders must be placed at least 48h before delivery time.This gives us time to select and order fresh flowers to make your bouquet  exceptional. We do not offer next day delivery unless it's "designer's choice" option.

How do I take care of flowers in a box ?

Place your arrangement indoors. Add a cup of water every other day from the middle into the base of the box. If needed , re-cut stems by removing one inch at 45 degree angle then place back green foam (oasis). Remove fading blooms and foliage, because some flowers last longer than others. 

How long do fresh flowers last?

All fresh flowers have a life of their own- they are perishable. We can not guarantee how long they will last. There are flowers that lasts a whole week and there are some that lasts only few days. 


During our initial consultation we will discus your vision, budget and plans of your special day and what floral arrangements you envision to make it perfect. 

We will work with you, make recommendations and guide you through flower, color, style and size options.    

No wedding, event or party is too small. 

What is your "Substitution Policy"?

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your flower arrangement based on the season and due to availability of flowers. Substitutions will be made within specific color pallet. We will make every effort to maintain the look of the original arrangement. 

Our vases, boxes or flower containers are picked out to compliment the flower arrangement or special occasion- we do not always use what is shown in the picture. 

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